I was born in Palm Springs, California. After one too many 120-degree summers, I decided to head for greener (and cooler) coastal pastures and headed west, for Orange County. Not a big jump, I know, but a good thirty degrees cooler year-round.

I’ve been in the Hospitality industry for fifteen years now, and I’ve done it all. Bussing, Serving, Bartending, onto to supervisory and captain roles. I’ve managed others, been managed, and always, has my guests in center view.

I’ve learned to communicate clearly AND sell at the same time. My guests don’t even know I’m upselling, they have such a great time! Eventually I found out about copywriting, which many call, “salesmanship in print”. Here was my opportunity to sell not to one person at a time, but thousands or even millions at once!

What does this mean for you? Hopefully, increased profits, a bigger slice of the market share, and your competitors broken, penniless, and in the gutter. Okay, just kidding (only a little!). You’ll find me reliable to a fault, always sitting by my phone ready to talk, and quick to answer any questions or provide a little extra of my marketing knowledge.

I’ve spent years learning from some of the titans of direct response marketing and the greatest salesmen alive. Unique Sales Propositions, back-ending, keeping customer lists and hitting them hard and often with killer sales pitches that leave them frothing at the mouth for more of what you’re selling. This translates to buckets of cash for you and your business, and a lasting legacy for decades to come.

Salivating yet? I know I am. Contact me ASAP at (760) 831-3351 or at calvin@calvinwrites.com and let’s get to work.