Why Me?

The number one question you already have, I know it;

Why hire this guy, when there’s a bevvy of freelancers to choose from? Why not hire someone off Fiverr, freelancer, or another “word farm” for pennies on the dollar? Why not hire the same freelance the Fortune 100s do, the ones who charge $25,000 for a sales letter, and even more for consultation?

Well, if you’re my ideal client, you’ve already answered those questions for me.

Let me venture a guess:

I’m willing to wager you have a need for someone reliable, quick, and trustworthy. Someone who gets the job done right the first time, for the money agreed, in the time allowed. Someone who never misses a deadline, never has hidden fees, someone who’s agreeable and easy to work with. Someone whose hand you don’t have to hold through every step of the process.

Well, I have bad news and good news.


The bad news is, you’ve just eliminated 95% of freelance writers working today. “Charlie10x14” from Fiverr works for five dollars a page, but he’s notoriously late on deadlines, misses the mark completely with his first draft, and has a slippery at best grip on the English language. Worse, he has no experience in your field and needs to be babysat on your core values, your past materials (your “voice” as we call it) and your mission statement.

Big Bob, the marketing guru out of New York who’s been in the Times, the New Yorker, and has a permanent spot on the top page of Google Ads, has an eighteen-month waitlist and charges $1000 an hour to even get out of bed.


I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. The good news is, you’re ALREADY on the web page of the most reliable, easy-to-work-with copywriter this side of the Atlantic Ocean. I don’t miss deadlines (ever!) I usually hit the mark on my very first draft, and I offer two free revisions, in the case that I don’t.

You’ll find me well versed in the standards of hospitality, having served tens of thousands of guests during my fifteen-year history in our industry. The translation? Clear, concise copy that sells. Period.

So let’s get to work. Did you have a project in mind? Contact me anytime at calvin@calvinwrites.com , or you can call me directly at (760) 831-3351 .

P.S.: Okay, you’re still on the fence? Need one more little push to convince you that I’m your dream writer? Well, as a special offer for reading this far, mention this ad when you call and I’ll give you a staggering discount of 50% off our first project together. That’s right, FIFTY PERCENT. I’m so confident you’ll love my work and become a recurring client, that I’ll perform our first piece for half price. Am I crazy? Maybe. But either way, it’s your gain.